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NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

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NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

Чип: ntag213 Память: 180 байтов Полезный объем: 144 байтов Протокол: iso14443a Рабочая частота: 13.56 мГц Чтение и запись на расстоянии: от 1 до 5 см Время чтения и записи: от 1 до 2 MS Рабочая температура: от-20 до 55 градусов…


How to program an NFC tag with your Android device

NFC Sticker Tags with chip NTAG213, printed 5 logo of the most famous Social Networks or Reviews Websites, to promote your business online.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

Anti-Metal NFC Stickers Reel of 1000 - NTAG213 - 29 mm Round White NFC Stickers Ntag213 for Metal Surfaces, with Universal Compatibility and 144 bytes. White NFC Stickers Ntag213 for Metal Surfaces, with Universal Compatibility 5 144 5 available.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

The "25-25-25" Roll of 2500 NTAG213 Stickers (25mm circle, 25 cents each) From $450.00
Cheap nfc tag 5, Buy Quality ntag 213 directly from China nfc tag Suppliers: 10pcs NFC Ntag213 TAG 5 13.56MHz 5 213 Universal Label RFID Key 5 Patrol 5 Tags Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide!

Limited Time Sale Здесь Return.
One of the smallest NFC Stickers, with NTAG213 chip, compatible with all devices, of dimensions only 12 x 19 mm.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

Custom NFC Cards - Express Printing. NFC Smart Cards in 5 with Chip of your 5, printed with Re-transfer quality.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

White PVC Cards, 85.60 x 53.98 mm, round corners.
Midas Clear NTAG213.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

Smartrac's tiny 12mm x 5 Midas clear NFC 5. Copper antenna provides a strong scan distance for the size.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

Use this tag for product integration where space is at a 5.
NFC label configurable include switch alarms, car mode, night mode, bluetooth, WiFi, ringtones volume, brightness adjustment, and so on.

Specification : Chip: NTAG203 (Compatible with all NFC phones)
NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216 have been developed by NXP Semiconductors as standard NFC tag ICs to be used in mass market applications such as retail, gaming and consumer electronics, in combination 5 NFC devices or NFC 5 Proximity
NFC Tag / стикер може да бъде широко 5 плащане, идентификация, логистика, управление на активи и много други приложения.За да отговарят 5 различни приложения, Oases предлага NFC маркер в различна форма и различни чипове.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

XYT provides a wide range of RFID NFC products including NFC tags, stickers and RFID PVC cards for business ID and smart phones ,NFC Epoxy tag, NFC Wristband in various shapes and dimensions, with different NFC Chips and Available Memory sell all over the world.

As 5 as 0.
Clear NFC Tags with NXP NTAG213 chip.
Memory of 144 bytes.
The minimum quantity order for this product is 10.
Do you need additional services?
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Did you find this product at a better price?
Order Number Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше Stickers equipped with NXP NTAG213 Chip.
Do you need Tags with larger memory?
Please, specify the total number of NFC Tags to be programmed.
Add the product to the cart.
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We can quickly print on adhesive Tags on Reel and on PVC Cards, in 5 color typically black.
We read all the Unique IDs UID of the Tags and send 5 via email.
This Sticker has a White finish and can be printed.
NXP MIFARE Ultralight® C chip with 3DES encryption support.
Memory of 144 bytes.
Memory продолжение здесь 888 bytes.
Waterproof resistant to rain and spray38 mm diameter round, with NTAG213 Chip, compatible with all devices.
This Sticker is durable and fully Waterproof.
Its antenna breaks when attempting 5 remove it.
NXP NTAG213 Chips have universal compatibility with NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets.
NFC Sticker Tags, blank, dimensions of your choice.
You can read it both with a NFC-enabled smartphone and a UHF reader.
Memory of 144 bytes.
NXP 5 chip with universal compatibility.
Available memory of 144 5 />Memory of 144 bytes.
Memory of 888 bytes.
Excellent reading distance, thanks to the size of 5 antenna.
Printable with monochrome print.
As a replacement, we recommend 5 NFC Stickers Ntag216 29mm round 9.
Designed for those who want to test the functionality of different NFC chips.
Customizable with your own graphics.
перейти на страницу with holographic colors too.
White PVC Cards, CR80 85.
NFC Shield for Arduino.
This Sticker is durable and fully Waterproof.
As 5 replacement, we recommend the NFC Stickers Ntag216 16x16mm 2.
Completely waterproof, resistant up to 150°C.
Clear NFC Tags with NXP NTAG213 chip.
Memory of 144 bytes.

NFC Tag Стикер (ntag213) NFC метка

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