Кровать Incanto Gio 9 в 1 венге--> 100--> Клапан балансировочный BROEN BALLOREX Venturi DRV - Ду15 (ф/ф, PN16, Tmax 135°C, Kvs 2,1 м³/ч)

Клапан балансировочный BROEN BALLOREX Venturi DRV - Ду15 (ф/ф, PN16, Tmax 135°C, Kvs 2,1 м³/ч)

Клапан балансировочный BROEN BALLOREX Venturi DRV - Ду15 (ф/ф, PN16, Tmax 135°C, Kvs 2,1 м³/ч)

Балансировочный клапан Broen ф/ф Ballorex&® Venturi DRV, с ручным управлением используется в качестве запорного устройства и ограничителя расхода. Клапан поставляется с предварительной настройкой, измерительные ниппели в комплект…


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Mar 4, 2004 · 4 Hi. Do you know the difference between ZHL16B and ZHL16C deco models or maybe tables? I was wondering why the first model shows longer deco when using trimix 21/35 (max depth 45m/147ft, bottom time 20 minutes, deco gases: O2 and EAN50) then air.

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Do you know the difference between ZHL16B and ZHL16C deco models or maybe tables?
But when I changed to ZHL16C outcome was different.
Trimix needs shorter deco then air.
It was counted using GUE Decompression Planner.
As I understand it, ZHL-16B is designed for generating tables, and ZHL-16C is slightly more conservative and is designed for implementation in dive 4 />As an aside, the coefficients for He are from ZHL-16A, which I understand was for "theoretical" use only.
Hello Readers: I do not know the reason for the difference.
Dr Deco :doctor: Michael R.
An investment in Knowledge always pays the best Interest.
ZHL16a is for theoretical use only.
источник адрес for generating tables.
ZHL16c has slightly more conservatism built in, because it was intended for use in dive computers UWATEC's 4 and many other late-model dive computers use a variant of this.
I originally used ZHL16c, but have added ZHL16b as a user-configurable option.
I first chose "c" because it is supposedly better at funky multilevel profiles, but mostly because I have a wrist-mounted version of this program for personal use.
Generally, you will notice little difference between the "b" an "c" options, except for middle-length dives to middling depths, where the "b" version will посетить страницу источник slightly less conservative.
Translated in layman's terms he says that the M values are different between the various models.
The actual differences in detail can be seen in this table: A B C 106.
What is the difference between the ZHL-16-C, and the recently introduced RGBM?
Both are being used in dive computers today.
A good instructor is not one who impresses students with the depth of their knowledge; Rather, they impresses upon students a depth of knowledge.
Both are being used in dive computers today.
The ZHL16 etc are based on a mathematical algorithm.
RGBM is based on witchcraft and good ideas.
It's a different starting point all together Haldanian models I'm sure Dr.
You fill them and empty them like 16 little cups of water nitrogen according 4 a hard and fast set of rules involving time, depth and nothing else.
RGBM doesn't have cups.
The calculations in RGBM are intended to keep the bubbles from growing.
It's not easy to do that because there are a gazillion things that will influence 4 growth.
The most important, however seems to be the presence of some kind of bubble seed called a micro-nucleus and somethink called a "gradient factor" that I 4 explain very well but seems to have to do with bubble size and Boyle's law.
I think the gradient factor attempts to describe when a bubble will start to grow according to Boyle's law.
In any event, RGBM pays attention to a lot more variables in theory than a Haldanian algorithm.
Things like ascent speed, deep stops more efficient off gassing occurs before bubbles grow because bubbles are harder to get rid ofeven temperature and of course depth and time.
That's sort of the deco-for-dummy's version and I left out a lot of details but I think it touches on what I see at least as the main differences.
Pretty close to my understanding, Diver0001.
In essence, the tables assume some bubble formation but strive to keep the size of those bubbles small enough that your body can filter them out or that they harmlessly dissipate.
In essence, the tables assume that the best way to prevent the formation of large bubbles is to prevent the formation of small bubbles, which should also have the added benefit of reducing 4 sub-clinical stress imposed by all those little bubbles.
Then again, we both may be about to get spanked by those wiser than us.
The same applies, of course, for the various Buhlmann models.
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I thought I read in the Encyclopedia 4 diving that it was rather accepted that silent bubbles form in almost any dive?
If so, would the RGBM model be fightig an uphill battle?
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